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5 Types of Specialty in Chiropractic Treatment That You Should Know

0manassasManassas chiropractic care at times can be a profession that is shrouded in mystery. This can be uncomfortable especially for people who want to visit the chiropractor for the first time. You could be asking yourself whether your problem requires chiropractic care. You may also have imagination on how they are going to treat it using chiropractic. Here are some common chiropractic specialties that chiropractors use in their treatment;

  1. Cold Laser Treatment

It is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It usually employs the use of precise wavelengths of light that are directed at the tissue to speed up the healing process. It is usually used on patients with varying illnesses from acute to chronic conditions. It also deals with swelling, pain, reducing spasms and increasing functionality. It is administered using a hand held device that held above an injury for about 30 seconds to some minutes. It allows the wavelengths of light go through the layers of the skin. When it reached the injured area it is usually absorbed. Once the light is absorbed it initiates the healing process at the cell level theoretically. This will lead to reduced pain and general alleviation of the problem.

  1. GastronTechnique Treatment

It is also referred as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is part of several manual therapies that use instruments and massage. This technique is usually used to help the therapist identify the areas constriction and also try to break up the scar tissue. It is widely practiced by other practitioners too. The main aim of this technique is to increase mobilization and relieve the pain of the patient. This is usually attained by; attempting to break up the scar tissue and fascia restrictions associated with trauma to the soft tissue; and stretching the connective tissue to try and rearrange the soft tissue structure.

  1. Spinal Decompression

This is a technique that involves stretching of the spine. This may be done using traction table in order to relief back pain. It can also be referred to as Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy. The main aim of this method is to relieve pain and provide an optimal healing environment. This is achieved by creating an intradiscal pressure which enables retraction of herniated disc material. It also creates a low pressure within the disc causing influx of healing nutrients. This will in turn lead to the healing of the spine when correctly applied.

  1. Manipulation Under Anesthesia

MUA is procedure that is noninvasive and is usually used in the treatment of chronic or acute conditions like; back pain, neck pain, muscle spasm, shortened muscles, joint pain, fibrous adhesion and long term pain syndromes. It is usually a safe method and is used for treatment of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. In may also be used in the pelvic and sacroiliac regions.